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Why Edge It?

 Curb-It! ™

Founded by the late Verle Conrad in 1987, Curb-It has been the leading designer and installer of decorative concrete landscape edging in the Sarasota area for over 30 years! Now owned and operated by his son, Gabriel Conrad, Curb-It continues to deliver top quality products and services that are superior to the competition. Let us tell you why.......

What is Curb-it?

Curb-It is a brand of continuous concrete landscape curbing. It is a free-flowing landscape border allowing smooth, graceful curves, straight-aways, and round circles that add beauty and value to your home. 


Why us?

Created on-site, Curb-It is installed cleanly and quickly, transforming your lawn without damaging your existing landscaping.

Our curbing out lasts and out performs any other brand of landscape edging and curbing. We bring you the most artistic and realistic looking curbs on the market, complete with a 5 Year Warranty and backed with 30 years of quality and service you can see.

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